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Pakistan Floods 2010

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Orphan Children Education Sponsorship program at TJSS

In the journey of past two decades, TMF has initiated different community relief projects to reduce poverty through education. After the deadly earthquake of October 8th, TMF was among pioneers in taking steps for rehabilitation, accommodation and education of poor orphan children. We initiated Tameer-e-Jannat Project for orphans and poor children who lost their loved ones during earthquake. Moreover, children from Swat, Dir, Malakand and South Waziristan region, who were affected from military operation (IDPs) in 2009, are also getting free education at Tameer-e-Jannat Science School.

Now TMF has initiated again a relief program for rehabilitation and education of flood affected communities for the long term sustainability. Tameer-e-Jannat Science School, at Education City, will enroll orphan and poor children from the flood affected areas through TMF sponsorship program.

You are requested to sponsor these children to rebuild Pakistan through rehabilitation program of Shifa Family (TMF).

Donate to sponsor a child at TJSS $ 1200 / year / Child

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