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After 60 years of independence, Pakistan is still unable to spend even two percent of Gross National Product (GNP) on education. This is despite the fact that the acceleration of economic progress requires an improvement in the country's dismal social indicators, particularly in education sector. Figures are played with to show an increase in the number of schools and enrollment, GNP and official literacy rates but these fancy figures hardly translate into substantive improvement in on the ground situation. Successive governments have been making claims to enhance the education system by synchronizing it with the modern day's demands but such exercises have largely proved fruitless. The fact that we fail to see light at the end of the tunnel owes much of its existence to the very absence of political will that is required for holistic overhaul of our education policies and strategies. Similarly, it's no wonder when our laidback approach in transforming our education systems also fails us in realizing dreams of economic prosperity and independence. More than six million children of school going age are still not enrolled and thus deprived of their basic human right.

Both the public and private sectors have roles to play to create an enabling environment for the population that is illiterate and poor. In this state, Tameer-e-Millat Foundation is cognizant that if the battle of the Universal Primary Education is to be won, then it would require a all-engulfing change of mind-set. At the Foundation, we are committed to educating our less-fortunate children for a better future. This commitment, understandably, is no small task. It requires dedication, whole heartedness and allegiance with the mission. A hand full of non-profit, private organizations with meager resources is actively playing their roles. In our journey of 20 years, we faced several ups and downs that multiplied our courage to leap upward to test our abilities and prove our strengths. Making a difference is what the Foundation strives to do. With our corporate vision, powered by innovation and guided by integrity, we are heading towards achieving our aim of 100 percent literacy rate in the country.

In the end, a warm thank to all who believed in our programs and services in the past and throughout the year. Together we hope that this association will prove to be fruitful in the times to come.

May Allah help us all... Ameen

Zaheer Ahmad M.D.

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