Nushki Educational Complex in Balochistan    

Balochistan is the largest province of Pakistan, covering almost 43 per cent of total land area of the country. The population density is very low due to mountainous terrain and scarcity of water. The capital city is Quetta, which is situated in a river valley near the Pak-Afghan border. Balochistan has 27 districts. Its population, according to 1998 census is around 8 million, having a low density per square kilometer. The economy of the province is largely based on the production of natural gas, coal and minerals.

According to 1998 population census, Literacy rate of the province was only 29.0 per cent which is estimated to have increased to 31 per cent by 2006. Number of illiterate people is approximately 3.5 million. Female education in particular, has been neglected for long, due to cultural and social obstacles. A mere 17.5 per cent female literacy indicates how dismal the picture is, and how urgent it is to take concrete steps for its rectification. Another alarming fact is the teacher-pupil ratio which is 51:1, representing a dire shortage of trained teachers in the region.



Tameer-e-Millat Foundation has planned to develop an Educational Complex at Nushki. Separated from the administration of District Chaghi, Nushki was given the status of District in 2006. Located at a distance of 144 kilometers from provincial capital Quetta and being in close proximity with Afghanistan and Iran, Nushki enjoys considerable geographical and strategic importance. Being a backward area, Nushki has lowest literacy rate. TMF’s educational venture will serve to educate the inhabitants of the area, create job opportunities and improve standard of living for local communities. Other objectives of this project are:

      •     Promoting quality of education through effective teaching and learning

      •     Character building of students

      •     Imparting modern education with computer and technological know-how

      •     Promoting activity based learning and practical approach to academic lessons

      •     Community mobilization and participation in educational endeavors

Land for this educational venture was graciously granted by Justice (Retd.) Ameer-ul-Mulk Mengal, the former Governer of Balochistan. At the moment, this project is in its initial phase of development. Although the work pace has been unhurried due to socio-political conditions of the area, yet we are confident that slowly and steadily we will make considerable progress in year 2007 and achieve our goal of establishing a modern educational complex in Balochistan.